Packing Tips

Use Proper Equipement

  • High quality, new moving boxes with lids
  • Bubble wrap and wrapping paper
  • Tape, scissors and permanent marker
  • NEVER use garbage bags or grocery bags. These tear and can’t be stacked in the truck

How to Pack

  • Wrap fragile items in paper before placing in boxes
  • Place heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter objects in larger boxes
  • Use all of the space in your boxes
  • Stack dishes on their sides, never flat
  • Remove bulbs from lamps and place shades in boxes
  • Disassemble awkward or large furniture in advance
  • Keep suitcases light
  • Defrost the fridge and leave doors open 8 hours prior to moving
  • Do not use boxes without lids, these can not be stacked

Know the “No’s”!

We can’t transport the following;

  • Liquid chemicals of any kind
  • Alcohol
  • Flammable items such as propane tanks
  • Any living creature or animal

We will happily load these items into your own vehicle.

Other Requests

  • Elevators must be reserved for moving day
  • Reserve parking in front of your locations. Certain boroughs will do this for you if you call them. You can reach them by dialing 311. If not, get creative and use home made signs or rope off a section. 40 feet should be suitable.
  • Ensure entrances, doorways, porches and driveways are clear
  • Remove potted plants, door mats, low hanging items and rugs beforehand
  • PLEASE be courteous and sweep before your movers arrive if necessary. No one likes working in dust or animal hair