Do I need to make a deposit when booking a move?
  • Local moves require a credit card deposit of 1-hours working time.
  • Long Distance moves (+150 km) require a credit card deposit of 25% of the move cost
  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Once you have made your deposit by credit card to secure your moving date, the following cancellation policies are applied;

    • Cancellations or date changes made more than 14-days prior to your move: The deposit is refundable (minus a $35.00 admin fee).
    • Cancellations or date changes made less than 14-days prior to your move: The deposit is non-refundable.
    • Cancellations or date Changes made less than 72 hours before the scheduled start time of your move: $250.00 cancellation fee
    • Deposits for June 30th and July 1st as well as long distance moves (+ 150 km) are non-refundable under any circumstance.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    Cash, Cheque or Credit Card

    Is it customary to Tip my movers?

    A gratuity of 10% – 15% is standard practice if you appreciated the hard work and service that was offered to you. Your moving team will really appreciate it.

    What is travel time?

    Travel time is the additional time (Typically 1 hour for local moves) charged to your bill for the time that it takes to get from our warehouse to your location and back to our warehouse after the move. For off-island moves and long distance moves travel time is calculated based on distance.

    Do you offer labour only (Movers without the truck)?

    Yes we do. Our movers will arrive with all the necessary equipment to load/unload your vehicle.

    Do you transport pets?

    No. Please make alternate arrangements for your furry friends.

    Do you transport plants?

    Only if the potted portion with soil is covered in a large garbage bag. Plants may have bugs in the soil which could contaminate our trucks so it is important to take precautionary steps!

    Are my items insured in case of damages?

    Yes. Upon booking your move you will have three different Transit Protection options to choose from depending on your specific needs.

    We have multiple pick up / drop off locations, is that alright?

    No problem! We are happy to accommodate your move no matter how complicated it is. We do not charge for secondary pick up locations.

    How long will my move take?

    There are many factors that determine how long your move takes. Size of home and actual amount of items to be moved are the main factors. High rise buildings, stairs, elevators, apartments with long distances from unit to truck, extreme weather, long distance of travel, etc. are all “negative” factors that increase the time it takes to complete your move. Things that could “positively” affect the length of your move could be making sure you are fully packed on move day, having furniture disassembled before move day, having items closer to the front door in your home, or having items ready in your garage.

    How can I help the moving process?

    Make sure your home is ready for the crew. Move items off the porch and walkways that may obstruct the movement of your goods out of your home. Take doors off hinges if necessary and remove all rugs that could cause your movers to slip or trip. Have water or Gatorade on hand for the crew, especially on hot summer days. They will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and will be in good spirits!

    What time are you open / can I call until?

    The phone lines are open from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m from Monday to Friday. If you call and don’t reach a representative don’t be shy to leave a message as someone will call you back shortly. You can also e-mail us at any time!

    Can I reserve a move and then change it for a different date?

    Yes, outside of 14 days prior to your move. We will gladly try to accommodate your new date as long as we have availabilities, but it isn’t a guarantee. It’s best to book your move when you know exactly what date you will be moving.

    When is the best time to book movers?

    The best time to book movers is 4 to 6 weeks in advance to ensure they can take on your job on your desired moving date. April to September is the busy moving season so it’s wise to book well in advance.

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    How big are the trucks?

    Our fleet consists of 20 and 22 foot moving trucks.

    How much space does the truck need to park?

    We need approximately 40 feet to park our trucks and extend the loading ramp (about 3 car lengths)

    Do you use padded blankets?

    Yes! Our movers will wrap your furniture in padded moving blankets to make sure they are safe.

    Will you have dollies and tools?

    Yes! Each truck is stocked with hand dollies, flat dollies and a tool kit containing basic tools.

    Do you have protective floor mats?

    Yes! We have rubber floor runners. It’s important to protect your floors.

    Is there anything I can’t ship on the moving truck?

    Government regulations restrict us from transporting dangerous goods such as propane tanks, oxygen canisters, fire extinguishers, ammunition, fireworks, gasoline etc. In addition we do not move cleaning products by choice as they may leak and damage your items.

    Can I help load the truck?

    You are more than welcome to help carry items and place them beside the truck.


    Are you able to remove doors?

    Yes, we can remove standard doors in your home to allow easier access for larger items.

    Can you remove/install my fridge doors?

    Yes we can. However, if there is a water system attached then we recommend taking care of this in advance as all systems are different and our movers may not be familiar with certain refrigerators.

    Will the movers disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

    Yes. Common items like tables, beds and desks can be disassembled by our movers. You should notify us in advance if you have complex furniture to be taken apart as our movers may not be familiar with certain items. If you have large cupboards or wardrobes it is best if they are taken apart in advance and that you keep all hardware with you.

    My sofa won’t fit through the door! Can it be hoisted over a balcony?

    Yes, we can perform sofa hoists to a maximum of 3 floors (30 feet) off the ground level. All sofa hoists must be performed by a team of 3 movers for safety reasons.


    What are the benefits of packing myself versus having Bust a Move pack for me?

    When packing your own goods you save on cost. However Bust a Move is not responsible for items in boxes that we do not pack. When we pack your items we take full responsibility for the condition of the goods upon arrival. Please inquire about our packing rates with your moving consultant. If there are any items that require extra attention it may be a good idea to have those items packed professionally by your movers. You must notify the company in advance to ensure that they will have all packing materials on hand.

    Must I unplug my fridge ahead of time?

    It is suggested to unplug your fridge  6 hours in advance so it defrosts.

    Do you sell boxes and packing materials?

    Yes! Please let us know in advance and we will help you to determine the appropriate quantity of boxes and supplies that you will need to properly pack all of your belongings.

    Should I leave clothes in drawers?

    Dressers and furniture should be completely emptied for moving day. This helps your movers by keeping furniture light and ensures that your items are safe. Moving furniture with items inside can jeopardize the structural integrity of the furniture.

    What about jewellery and valuable items?

    It is recommended that you keep all important papers and valuable items with you during your move. Passports, ID’s, wills, bank papers, legal documents, jewellery and valuable collections should not be loaded onto the moving truck as Bust a Move takes no responsibility for such items. If you have items like these please make it known to your moving crew.