Packing Tips

Use Proper Equipement when Packing

  • High quality, new moving boxes with lids ( We sell all types of packing materials )
  • Bubble wrap and wrapping paper
  • Tape, scissors and permanent marker
  • NEVER use garbage bags or grocery bags. These tear and can’t be stacked in the truck

How to Pack

  • Wrap fragile items in paper before placing in boxes
  • Place heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter objects in larger boxes
  • Use all of the space in your boxes
  • Stack dishes on their sides, never flat
  • Remove bulbs from lamps and place shades in boxes
  • Disassemble awkward or large furniture in advance
  • Keep suitcases light
  • Defrost the fridge and leave doors open 8 hours prior to moving
  • Do not use boxes without lids, these can not be stacked

Know the “No’s”!

We can’t transport the following;

  • Liquid chemicals of any kind
  • Alcohol
  • Flammable items such as propane tanks
  • Any living creature or animal

We will happily load these items into your own vehicle.

Other Requests

  • Reserving Parking for our trucks is very important. Click here to see how to do this
  • Elevators must be reserved for moving day
  • Ensure entrances, doorways, porches and driveways are clear
  • Remove potted plants, door mats, low hanging items and rugs beforehand
  • PLEASE be courteous and sweep before your movers arrive if necessary. No one likes working in dust or animal hair