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Your Safety - Our Priority

While we understand that some measures may not be ideal,  they are important to maintain a safe environment for our employees and for you! 

What are we doing

-  We won’t be greeting you with a handshake, but rather a wave and a smile!
-  Our trucks and equipment are being thoroughly disinfected in the mornings.
-  Our team members have hand sanitizer and hand soap in the trucks.
-  Moving is strenuous work that requires lots of physical exertion. While our movers may not always be wearing masks, they have masks at their disposal to be used when social distancing is not possible.
-  We are ‘staggering’ dispatch times so that our teams do not cross each other in the a.m.
-  We are keeping the same team working together throughout the week.
-  We are keeping the above teams, working with the same vehicle as much as possible.
-  If an employee feels ‘ off ‘ or has any type of cold or flu like symptoms they are not permitted to return to work.


What can you do?

– We understand that we are in your house, but we do appreciate your efforts to protect us by wearing a mask.
-Notify us in advance if any family members have had symptoms or traveled recently.
-Assign 1 family member to be on site during the move. If this is not possible, please have additional family members remain in a separate room from our team members.
– We request that the on-site family member stays in a separate room when possible.
-Please have your own pen(s) on hand to sign your contract.
-Please wipe down and sterilize furniture surfaces as much as possible prior to our arrival.
-Once your move is complete and our team is gone, you should sanitize your items when possible.
– Open windows and doors to allow for fresh air to circulate.
– Please finish packing your boxes 24-hour prior to our arrival as the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24-hours.

Thank you for your cooperation

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